divendres, 26 de febrer de 2010

Foto Forum 08

I love this photograph… such a perfect balance between tension and meditation.
This image is beautiful, but its also evocative and emotional… and of course, has a great textural quality. I also find it has a quality of stillness to it, which is a wonderful thing. Its more than just the cliche of how photos capture a moment in time. You show us a moment in a life of a seemingly abandoned space full of forgotten memories and simultaneously show how rich and sensual every detail is if you stop time for a second. But at the same time, I feel like when I look into the heart of the photo I'm suspended in time for as long as I care to engage with the image. And I find that it seems to touch something in me that is rich, textured and contemplative, but also very still. Its a real meditation.

Poet Farrell
Art Consultant